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        Enameled wire & magnet wire
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        flat enamel copper wire price brazil

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        Copper wire is used all over the world in electrical equipment. Enameled copper wire, also called "magnet wire," is also widely used. The difference between the enameled copper wire and regular wire is in the insulation surrounding the wire. Normal copper wire is insulated by wrapping it in thick rubber. Enameled copper wire is insulated by coating it with enamel. It is primarily used in three types of applications. It is used, in transformers to transform one kind of electrical energy into other kinds. It is used in motors to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is also used in generators to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy.


        The enamel insulation of magnet wire is formed of a chemical called polyesterimide. This is a class H insulation, as rated by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. This is the highest possible rating, and means that the wire can withstand temperatures of 356 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 20,000 hours. This makes enameled copper wire capable of carrying more current than wires of the same size insulated with anything else.

        the price of scrap copper

        The price of scrap copper varies on a daily basis depending upon LME and spot market prices and general economcs. There are also many different grades of scrap copper. As of early April 2012 here are some scrap copper prices in the California USA area: (prices are in USD per pound)
        Copper Bright - 1/16 inch thick or more, bright and clean $3.39
        Copper #1 - Solid copper with no brass or corrosion $3.25
        Copper #2 - Copper with some brass or corrosion $3.11
        check internet for daily / current scrap prices.


        MG magnet wire is a professional supplier of magnet wires and electrical materials. From the company founded till now, our company has been committed to providing professional Enameled aluminum wire, Magnet wire, Winding wire, Enameled wire, Enameled copper wire, motor windiing wire, transformer winding wire.


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