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        Enameled wire & magnet wire
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        • Contact: Miss Dong
        • Tel: 0086-371-55625861
        • Fax: 0086-371-55625861
        • Email: info@mgmagnetwire.com
        • Factory Add: Xinxiang Economy and Technology Gathering Aea ,Xinxiang City, Henan Pro. China.

        Fiber Glass Covered Wire

        • Diameter range (mm): round: 3.0-7.0 Flat: a: 1-10 b: 3-35
        • Temp Class: 155, 180
        • Standard: IEC,NEMA,GB,JIS
        • Resistivity: copper 20℃<=0.017241Ω(mm)^2/m Aluminum 20℃<=0.028000Ω(mm)^2/m
        • Package: PT-25, PT-30,30kg/50kg/150kg wooden Spool according to customers requirements
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        ■ Specifications

        conductor is aluminum and copper, which is extruded by electrician bare aluminum (copper) through an extrusion process, the copper (aluminum) conductor is evenly covered with 1-2 layers of alkali-free glass fiber, with the required temperature index and compatibility of insulating paint dipping, baking processed, the glass fibers , glass fiber and conductor bonding as a whole.


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