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        Enameled wire & magnet wire
        Quality products for your business

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        • Contact: Miss Dong
        • Tel: 0086-371-55625861
        • Fax: 0086-371-55625861
        • Email: info@mgmagnetwire.com
        • Factory Add: Xinxiang Economy and Technology Gathering Aea ,Xinxiang City, Henan Pro. China.

        High-Purity 1050 Aluminum Strip

        • Thickness: 0.2-4.0mm, 0.2-4.0mm
        • Width: 700-1500mm, 700-1500mm
        • Name: Aluminum Strip
        • Purity: above 99.5% aluminum
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        ■ Specifications
        Aluminium strip / Aluminum strip is the raw material of aluminum or aluminum alloy casting aluminum, hot rolled aluminum coils, cold-rolled mill rolling for different thickness and width of the sheet aluminum coil, and then depending on the use, by slitting longitudinal cutting of aluminum of different widths.

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